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Are you thinking about harvesting your forest land?

Are you thinking about a timber sale?

Do you want to get the most money for your timber?

Would you like to improve wildlife habitat on your land?

Call Terry Read, of U.P. Forest Resources Co., Terry is a registered professional forester and can provide you with a complete forest management service.

Call 906-265-5170 or email Terry@upforestresources.com.

Quality forest management requires the help of a professional forester with both specialized education and experience. Do not harvest your land with a timber sale without using the services of U.P. Forest Resources. U.P. Forest Resources will get you the most money for your timber.

Call today and receive a FREE forest management inventory. Serving the Iron County, Michigan, UP and other surrounding areas.

Call Terry at 906-265-5170 or send an email to Terry@upforestresources.com